Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Success Stories

“I am on hormone replacement therapy with Dr. Gavin and it has really improved my mood energy and stamina. Dr. Gavin is very helpful and thorough I really feel more energetic and upbeat thanks Dr Gavin.”

Paul – May 6, 2011

“I am on hormone replacement therapy with Dr. Gavin, and I must say no other doctor has taken the time to explain to me why my body was out of whack hormonally and show me detailed numbers via, blood work, as to why I was having irregular cycles.

Since coming to Dr. Gavin my cycle is regulated and has stayed regular. She has sat down with me and showed me the progression of my hormones over the last two years and I can see the numbers changing to a normal level!”

Lauren – May 6, 2011

“Dr. Gavin and the staff at Azani are top notch.  It is a quiet, peaceful area.

The staff is so nice and accommodating.  Dr. Gavin is such a wonderful person, willing to assist with issues, and one can tell that she cares deeply for her patients.

I always look forward to my visit.”

Cathie D. – Center Valley, PA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Gavin’s for 3 years on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I highly recommend this service and feel young and alive again. The staff and Dr. Gavin are very warm and welcoming.”

A Bioidentical Hormone Specialist can provide you with detailed safety information, answer all your questions, and discuss any concerns you may have.

They will listen carefully to your description of your symptoms, and will give you information about symptoms, and about hormone testing.

They will give you all the general guidance you need throughout the process, because they believe strongly that you need to be fully informed before making any decisions.

Bonnie W. – Phillipsburg, NJ

Congratulations on taking charge of your health and we look forward to speaking with you!