Azani Medical Spa Age Management Services

Total Age Management Membership Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Azani BHRT FAQ’s

Personalized Genetic Health:

Your DNA analysis and health questionnaire provides the foundation for your own detailed recommendations for wellness, including regimen of vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, anti-oxidant and many other crucial supplements. Nutritional supplementation can overcome genetic weaknesses. Know yours today!

NeoStem Adult Peripheral Stem Cell Collection:

Painlessly and safely collect and store your own stem cells for future therapeutic use in the treatment of a wide range of diseases. No ethical issues. No risk of rejection.

Breast Thermography:

Could your yearly mammogram be causing you cancer? Have you consider alternative options? Do you want to be able to detect pre-cancerous changes? Then look no further!

Breast thermography is radiation-free, non-invasive, FDA approved, relatively inexpensive, and detects early, potentially reversible physiological changes associated with later development of breast cancer.

Read the Breast Thermography report, where you will learn everything you need to know about breast thermography, including how to schedule your appointment for yourself, the women in your family and your girlfirends.

MEN: call to action. If you come across this webpage, please bring it to the attention of the women in your life. It could save their lives!

Nutraceutical support:

“It is almost impossible to provide our bodies with all the nutrients it needs through our daily food intake. Even when eating the best of diets, we lack in some essential nutrients such as Resveratrol, Omega 3, etc. I provide valuable nutritional supplemtation for each patient through physician only, high quality, nutraceuticals.”

HCG Medical Weight Loss Program:

Many people are struggling with weight and the chronic diseases and lack of wellness associated with extra weight. If you are seriously committed to losing weight and becoming healthier, then this HCG medical weight loss program is for you. If you are 20 pounds or more above your ideal body weight, then this program is for you.

Listen to Dr. Gavin’s recorded teleseminar, where she explains the program in detail and provides you with a very generous limited time savings offer!

“The system really works!!! The closer you follow the instructions the better the results. Coworkers joked that the fat was melting away. I have no will power, so if I got hungry I would have gorged, but I never did. The apple around 10am, lunch, apple around 3pm and dinner was enough for me. Water and tea throughout the day” Ed G weight 232 to 201 during a one 6 week cycle.

Call Pennsylvania Bioidentical Doctor, Monica Gavin, M.D. to learn more about the anti-aging services offered at Azani Medical Spa today!